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>> this is nbr. >> susie: i'm susie gharib. b.p. pleads guilty to felony charges and will pay more than $4 billion for damage caused by the "deepwater horizon" oil spill. >> tom: i'm tom hudson. china makes its once-a-decade leadership change just as the chinese economy faces pressure from outside and in. >> susie: and the fiscal cliff isn't the only uncertainty for c.e.o.s. the future of financial regulations with the c.e.o. of florida-based bank united. >> tom: that and more tonight on nbr! $4.5 billion and guilty pleas to charges of manslaughter and lying to congress. that was the admission today from b.p. two and a half years after the "deepwater horizon" disaster in the gulf of mexico. that disaster killed 11 people and led to the worst oil spill in u.s. history. inits guilty ple b.p. saidt deeply regrets the loss of life and almost five million barrels of oil that into the gulf. darren gersh reports. >> reporter: justice department officials hope today's settlement and criminal pleas will bring justice to the families of the men who died when the "deepwater horizon" exploded.
the latest on the war which has claimed civilian deaths on both sides. >> brown: then, b.p. admits to felony charges and aees to pay the largest single criminal fine in u.s. history. we examine the legal resolution of the gulf coast spill, two years later. >> suarez: science correspondent miles o'brien asks an age old question. why do we sleep? the answer comes from an unlikely underwater source. >> no, you don't need more sleep? you're getting plenty of sleep right? are you getting plenty of sleep? yes. >> brown: china's new leader will head both the communist party and the military. we assess the change at the top in beijing. >> suarez: and we close with the story of volunteers stepping up to help victims of hurricane sandy in the borough of queens in new york. >> there's people who have been without attention for a long time. some with, some without running water. definitely without power. you know, so as time goes, it gets worse. and i'm afraid if we don't like, really get this situation under control. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour
attorney general eric holder announces a settlement in the bp. bp will pay a $4.5 fine and two men had been charge wpped manslaughter. this is a half hour. has the latest -- task forces members announcing the latest -- and ongoing efforts to achieve justice and that -- ability for this tragedy. today the united states district court here in the eastern describing district of louisiana in the new orleans the department filed a 14-count information charging bp with 11 counts of felony manslaughter, one count of felony obstruction of justice, and violence of the clean water and migratory bird treaty act in connection with the deepwater horizon spill that began in april of 2010. bp has agreed to plead guilty to all 14 criminal charges including responsibility for the deaths of 11 people, and the event that lead to an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. the company has also agreed to pay $4 billion in fines and in penalties. this marks both the largest single criminal fine more than $1.25 billion and the largest total the criminal resolution $4 billion in the history of the united states. i
general holder releases the details of the $4.5 billion in the bp oil sediment. ed markey reacted to the settlement with bp. that is followed up by president obama touring a hurricane sandy damage in new york. in 2010, the deep water rights and rid explosion was the worst oil spill. -- rig explosion was the worst oil spill. there was a $4.5 billion settlement case. this briefing is half an hour. >> good afternoon. i'm here with the assistant attorney general from the justice department and the security and exchange commission of enforce. and head of deep water verizon task force and announcing the latest step forward in our ongoing efforts to achieve justice for those whose lives and livelihoods were impacted by the largest environmental disaster in the history of the united states. and to hold accountable those bore responsibility for this tragedy. today in united states state district court here in louisiana in new orleans the department filed a 14 count information charging b.p. with eleven counts of felony manslaughter. one count of felony obstruction of justice and violations
on the recent settlement in the bp oil case. the company will pay of $4 billion fine. this is a half-hour. >> good afternoon. i am honored to join with the associate attorney general, and the assistant attorney general, the director of the securities and exchange commission's division of enforcement, the head of the deepwater hall rise in tax force in announcing one of the latest steps forward in our ongoing effort to achieve justice for those whose livelihoods were impacted by the largest environmental disaster in the history of the united states. and to hold accountable those who bore responsibility for this tragedy. today, the department filed a 14 count information charging bp with 11 counts of felony manslaughter. one count of felony obstruction of justice and violations of the clean water and migratory bird treaty acts in connection with the oil spill that began in april, 2010. bp has agreed to plead guilty to all 14 criminal charges. including responsibility for the deaths of 11 people and the events that led to the unprecedented environmental catastrophe. the company has agre
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morning to you. want to begin as we said with that $4.5 billion fine of b.p. over the oil spill from 2010. here's the front page of the "houston chronicle" this morning. b.p. stock with $4.5 billion fines. the column notes that finally justice for 11 lyes lost. another headline, b.p. pleads guilty, a picture of the deep water horizon rig there from the incident. and want to take you to "the advocate" also in louisiana. oil firm to plead guilty to charges in death. b.p. agrees to pay out $4.5 billion in debt. and a day of reckoning arrives for b.p. on thursday. we'll read you the front page story from the "wall street journal" now. b.p. slapped with record fines. they agreed to accept criminal responsibility for the 2010 deep water horizon disaster that killed 11 workers and paid $4.5 billion in fines and restitution. the biggest fine ever levied by the u.s. justice department. but the oil producer still faces a costlier battle for the pollution unleashed when the drilling rig exploded in the gulf of mexico and caused the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. they will plead guilty to
opportunity? in the wake of bp's horrific disaster, the company took drastic steps to keep its business from failing. selling off assets at bargain prices. he's got a list you won't want to miss. >>> plus, gain from hain? sending the stock up over 50%. but will the gain soon turn into pain? or can this all natural stock continue to build you healthy returns? cramer is exclusive with its ceo just ahead. all coming up on "mad money." when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this. >>> carbon. this election all comes down to carbon. president obama hates carbon and is committed to electric batteries and carbon. these two fuels are obama's path to national energy self-sufficiency. romney, he doesn't care how green the fuel is. he just wants north america to be energy
. this is in relation to the settlement announced today b.p. oil's paying $4.5 billion fine, settlement, in the case for the gulf coast oil spill. that news conference is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. eastern. we hope to take you there live. >> as you can see in that mob of folks from staten island and reporters the president is actually in new york. he came up just a bit earlier today and started his afternoon in new york with a helicopter tour above some flooded and burned out sections of queens and staten island. he made an aerial tour over the neighborhood that included the breezy point community where roughly 100 homes were burned in a massive fire during the storm. >> live here on staten island waiting to hear possible comments by president obama who's been touring parts of queens and staten island that were seriously damaged and affected by the aftermath of hurricane sandy, superstorm sandy as it's been called. we also hope to take you live shortly to new orleans where attorney general eric holder will speak about the government's $4.5 billion settlement with b.p. over the oil spill in 2010. and ne
. and for the first time the federal government is holding individuals responszable for their -- responsible in the bp oil rig blast that killed 11 people and resulted in oil spilling all over the gulf coast. now they will pay. >>> the drums of war are beating in israel. violence along the border between israel and the gaza strip has escalated with a rocket strike that narrowly missed tel aviv. that is said to be the first attack targeting the city in 20 years. israeli officials say they will take whatever action necessary to protect their people including a ground invasion of gaza if necessary. the israeli military reports it has hit at least 230 targets across the strip and claims the so-called iron dome defense system has intercepted about 90 incoming rockets. the past two days of fighting believed to have killed at least three israelis and at least 15 palestinians. leyland is live along the border for us tonight. >> reporter: good evening, shepherd. hamas said killing its military commander would, quote, open the gates of hell. that's what we experienced today as some 200 rockets came into this ar
fine. what the feds call a blatant lie from b-p, aftere dent that killed 11, >>> a record spill draws a record fine. what the feds call a blatant lie from bp after the accident that killed 11 and devastated the gulf coast. [ inaudible ] >> why experts say california gas companies may not be telling the whole truth about what you're paying to fill up. >> for anyone heading to see any of the big block butters. someone in the heat sir probably watching you. >> it was the largest accident all oil spill ever. today bp agreed to pay the largest fine in u.s. history. the oil rig exploded on the night of april 20th, 2010. eleven workers were killed in the fire. 172million-gallons of oil gushed into the gulf of mexico. bp will pay $4.5 billion in fines. two employees? charged with manslaughter. one with lying to congress. cbs news reporter on what bp knew before the explosion. >> reporter: the two former bp employees charged with manslaughter were the highest ranking bp supervisors on deep water horizon. the test found signs that combustible gas was seeping into the well. the indictment
. and tonight, the cia says they're investigating him. >>> and bp paying a big price for the oil spilin the gulf. billions of dollars. where will the money go? and where are the folks who lost so much, and what are they saying about this tonight. >>> and are they dangerous? >>> and new questions about the five-hour energy drink and products like it. and it is so hard to crack down on what may be a real risk. nightly news begins now. >>> good evening, the last time missiles landed anywhere near tel aviv in israel, they were fired by saddam in iraq. tonight it has happened again, the israeli prime minister was taken into a bomb shelter and that is how real this conflict has become between the palestinians and gaza. this could turn into a full ground war very quickly. rocket fire from gaza is being answered with air strikes from israel, israel saying they're ready, at least, to launch a ground invasion as a next step. and for the rest of the world in plain english, here we go again. the generations-old conflict is escalating quickly we have it covered in israel and gaza, beginning with nbc's martin
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the investigation into the bp gulf oil spill isn't over even though bp has agreed to pay the highest fine in history. the settlement comes 2 1/2 years after the rig explosion killed 11 oil riggers. >> reporter: the two former bp employees charged with manslaughter were the two highest ranking supervisors. they were in charge with the task of grave danger. combustible gas was seeping into the well. the indictment alleges bp managers failed to call engineers on shore to discuss the abnormal readings. instead they allowed work on the well to continue. the gas came up the well and exploded. u.s. attorney general eric holder. >> this is an indication, perhaps a vindication that we have shown as a result of their actions people died there unnecessarily. >> federal authorities charged former bp vice president with lying to investigators about the amount of oil leak being from the oil. according to the indictment he insisted 5,000 barrels of oil were leaking every day when he was affair bp's own engineers estimated it was leaking as much as 82,000 barrels mr. day. assistant attorney general -- >> he cherry
militants exchanged rocket fire. bp pays a record fine and plead guilty to criminal charges. more than two years after a massive oil spill at daily inched the u.s. coast. --deluged the u.s. coast. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. there are real concerns that the conflict between palestinian militants in gaza and israel could spark a wider conflict in the region. air raid fire sounded in the israeli city of tel aviv as rockets were fired towards it. the assaults underlines the rising tension. >> tonight, sirens sounding across tel aviv. the commercial capital and most populous city now a target for the rockets being fired by militants -- militants in gaza. people to cover bread they could. there were no casualties -- people took cover where they could. there were no casualties. >> i saw a flash of light. 2 kilometers in the direction of the seat. the rocket landed in the seat. >> targeting tel aviv marks a significant escalation of this growing conflict. the body of the man held responsible by his it -- by israel for launching hundreds of rockets
criminal fine in history. bp has agreed to pay $4.50 billion for their role in the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill. >> there have been many cases against bp and their employees in what has been the worst offshore oil spill ever in the u.s. some business owners and residents are still feeling the impact from the disaster. >> these images were broadcast around the world, a seemingly unending oil spill off the gulf coast in america. >> light 35%-40% less business. "they have accused bp of acting with negligence which is why the u.s. departments of justice have made it clear more trials may follow. >> today's resolution does not -- it does not -- marked the end of our efforts. the criminal investigation remains on going. >> on top of criminal cases, but civil lawsuits and other claims. under the clean water act, bp could be fined up to 16 billion euro which would harm their finances even further. bp stock prices never fully recovered after the disaster. today, shares are about one- third less than their value before this bill. >> is bp remained at these levels, it becomes a takeover target or a
administration announced is putting a temporary stop on new federal contracts with bp. for more on the financial impact, i spoke with adam brooks. and what does this actually need for bp? >> it means they still have not been forgiven for the explosion in the deep water rights in that killed 11 people and pumped millions of gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico in 2010. it means that in addition to $4.5 billion in fines that they have agreed to pay, a leading criminal charges, bp will now not -- pleading guilty to criminal charges, bp will now not in -- get any new business in the u.s. >> how much business does vp actually have with the u.s. government at the moment? >> most people point to its contract that it has today, $1.4 billion in fuel that it sold to the u.s. last year. bp employs 23,000 people here and has billions of dollars in investments. it was hinting that it was not in america's interest to allow bp's business here to go under. another important thing, they have new drilling with it -- leases in the gulf of mexico. >> leval they have to do to get in on those lucrative contracts in
are announcing that b.p. has agreed to pay more than a half billion dollars that it misled investigators about the rate of oil flowing during the deep water horizon disaster. the $525 million penalty represents the third largest civil penalty ever assessed and those funds will be used to compensate harmed investors for losses sustained from this fraud. b.p. misrepresented in f.c.c. filings that the oil spill flow rate was estimated to be up to 5,000 barrels of oil per day and that was the current estimate. in fact b.p. was in position of numerous analysis where 5,000 was at the lowest end of the range and those same analysis had upper ranges that were many multiples of 5,000 barrels. according to our complaint b.p. executives made public statements in which they stood behind the flow rate of 5,000 barrels despite an ever growing body of evidence that the estimate was unreasonably low. they dismissed higher estimates reached by third party scientist and they realized it was nearly ten times the amount that b.p. estimated. the spill and concealment of the truth by b.p. caused devastating loss to
time at 866-55-press. on twitter@bp show on facebook and there is this great little fun thing called the chat room going on all through the next three hours. we go to and click on the chat room. join other listeners on your local progressive talk radio station. talk about the issues we are talking about. there we go. team press put in a whole week. >> believe it or not. >> talking points this week. peter ogburn. >> all right. >> with sipcyprian bowlding. and he is still -- i know, you think he has spent six bucks yet. >> four bucks. i don't know. i don't know how he spent it. >> to dinner last night. >> could have bought a hot dog. can't even get a cup of coffee at starbucks. >> showing off his winnings his singles. make it rain, cyprian. you have four singles. yes. >> four singles. >> yeah. >> all right. well, it was, you know, last saturday president obama went shopping. he took his daughters over to arlington to an independent bookstore, picked up 15 children's bo
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by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. today, b.p. pleaded guilty to criminal charges and agreed to pay the largest fine in u.s. history more than two years after its drilling operation killed 11 workers and unleashed the largest accidental oil still ever. 11 deepwater horizon exploded what followed was a gusher that ran for 85 days, spilling an estimated 172 million gallons. the company agreed to pay 4.5 billion dollars in fines. two bp employees will be charged with manslaughter, and a third with lying to isngress. manuel bojorquez is in new orleans with details of what bp knew before the explosion. >> reporter: two former b.p. employees charged with manslaughter were the highest ranking b.p. supervisors on seepwater horizon. they were in charge of the test that signaled grave danger the afternoon of the explosion. on. test found signs that combustible gas was seeping into the well. the indictment alleges b.p. managers, robert kaluza, and reald vidrine, failed to call ogineers on shore to discuss the abnormal readings. gs.tead, they allowed
catastrophe. bp accused of negligence for the disaster that killed 11 men and triggered an environmental cataclysm. >> communities here in new orleans and around the gulf have waited patiently for justice to be done. today their wait is over. >> shep: tonight bp admits some guilt and agrees to pay a record penalty. we begin a fox urgent and the situation in israel is deteriorating and growing more violent by the day. that rocket blast from gaza today targeted israel's commercial hub tel aviv. that is the first such attack on that city in more than 20 years. it is and has been a red line for israel and now it's been crossed. israeli troops are on the move. a top defense official called up more reservists ahead of what may become a ground war. we have video that shows trucks carrying tanks and other armored vehicles moving toward the border with the gaza. the israeli army reports it may draft as many as 30,000 troops for a possible ground invasion. tonight militants in gaza fired an estimated 200 rockets at israel. three of them reportedly targeting tel aviv. that city's metropolitan area
spill is facing the largest criminal fine in united states history. bp has agreed to pay more than $4.5 billion in penalties. the spokesperson will plead guilty to 14 charges. they include 11 felony counts. bp is charged with neglecting science of abnormalities during an inspection conducted before the disaster. it agreed with the department of justice to pay the more than $4.5 billion in fines ovea period of five years. >> i hope this sends a clear message to those that engage in this conduct. >> all bp workers deeply regret the loss of life caused by the accident as well as the impact of the spill on the gulf coast region. bp is not expected to face an additional financial burden. it's set aside money in a trust to pay the fines and compensate viims. >>> japanese prime minister has come together to back his plan to call a general election. they've agreed to dissolve the lower house later in the day. voters will go to the polls on december 16th. the prime minister met friday morning. they signed an official document to dissolve the lower house. noda will hold another cabinet meeting
on twitter. >> tweeting at bp show, on this topic, patricia says the media has been reduced to reporting g.o.p. conspiracy theories which is a good point. buckeye kenny saying they're going to try to turn this into something to ruin the president and on your comments about john kerry, j. h. z. says john kerry and state put scott brown in the senate. just a thought. >> what? >> doesn't necessarily put him in the senate but he would probably run for that seat. >> we were making this point on the show yesterday and some listeners agreed with john fuglesang who said if john kerry is not in the senate anymore scott brown will run for that seat. >> he'll run for it but that doesn't mean that scott brown necessarily wins. barney frank could win. well, all right. i see the point. let's get a couple more callers. patty from seattle. you're on the "bill press show." good morning. hello, patty. all right. >> no patty from seattle. >> charles from tampa, florida. charles, good morning. you're on the "bill press show" we hope. >
about the forecast for the week ahead. >> bp is expected to pay a heavy fine for its involvement in the devastating oil spill on the gulf coast. president obama is expected to tour san >> to 0.5 years after the devastating deepwater horizon oil spill, while a giant bp is -- oil --bp will admit to criminal misconduct and have defined in exchange for a waiver of future prosecution. bp has not confirmed any plea deal. president obama will visit storm ravaged communities in new york today to witness firsthand the devastation caused by superstorm sandy. he will likely visit the hardest-hit areas like staten island and the rockaways. some residents are still without power two weeks after the storm. president obama will also thank first responders for their efforts. still to come, the maker of wonder bread and twinkies may be forced to close its doors. >> we have some clouds that block the sun and a little bit. what >> there is a chance you could pay a new tax when you go to thithe store to pay for food for your bets. state lawmakers met in to discuss agistratio surcharge on registrati
>> pelley: tonight, b.p. pays the price. criminal charges, and the largest fine in history, two years after the disast merit gulf. manuel bojorquez reports and we'll hear from a survivor. >> i said, "we're going to burn up or we're going to jump." >> pelley: rockets rain down as israel and the palestinians square off. will it be war in the middle east? allen pizzey is in teal, nancy cordes at the white house. did 13 people die because they drank a high-caffeine energy drink? dr. jon lapook put the question to the man behind 5-hour energy. >> reporter: can you tell me how many milligrams of caffeine? >> i'm not talking to you, i'm talking to-- >> pelley: and a factory that makes memories is destroyed by fire. will the bells ring again by christmas? c hd with the last bell maker. >> pelley: good evening. today, b.p. pleaded guilty to criminal charges and agreed to pate largest fine in u.s. history more than two years after its drilling operation killed 11 workers and unleashed the largest accidental oil still ever. the deepwater horizon exploded in the gulf of mexico on the night
out is $5,000. >> no more bp. blame me. don't blame bp anymore. >> ken feinberg is the go-to guy for thankless jobs, america's arbiter of human suffering. >> why don't you open up the purse strings? >> his assignment deciding who should be paid for damages from the gulf oil spill, was one of his toughest yet. they really go after you. >> they do, but it goes with the territory. >> it may be the greatest rescue operation since noah's ark. a billion people watched as 33 chilean miners trapped for 69 days half a mile underground stepped from darkness into light. [cheers and applause] >> if ever there was a story with a happy ending, this was it. [men chanting] but when we visited the miners several months after their rescue, we found many were struggling. for example, alex vega was building a wall around his house, though he couldn't explain why. >> on march 11, 2011, japan was hit by a tsunami that rewrote history. it was triggered by a 9.0 earthquake that helped set off the biggest nuclear emergency since chernobyl. >> this is unprecedented, you know, uncharted territory, that the
measure of accountability. the department of justice has acted aggressively against bp. it is holding the company and key individuals criminally responsible. it is important to remember that this settlement does not and the process -- does not end the process. in february, 2013, a jury will determine the civil penalties that bp will face. i am hopeful that the other companies who played a role in this disaster, such as transocean and halliburton, will also face appropriate penalties for their actions. bp's actions caused the death of 11 men, caused one of the largest ecological disasters our country has ever faced. we will have the decision about the civil penalties, but there will be further actions of criminal nature against some of the individuals who have been cited in the information filed by the justice department. we have not yet recovered from this disaster. the families of those who lost their loved ones will never recover. but this is an important step in making sure that bp is held the responsible -- held responsible for its action. i want to commend the work
evening. three b.p. oil company employees appeared in federal court today, heo of them charged with 11 counts of involuntary manslaughter. those are for the 11 crewmen killed in 2010 when the deepwater horizon explode excluded and sank in the gulf of mexico. the well ran wild for more than 80 days, unleashing the largest accidental oil spill in history. mark strassmann is covering the courthouse for us in new orleans tonight. mark. mark. >> reporter: scott, this prosecution moves away from the b.p. spill's environmental and economic impacts. instead, its the preventable deaths of 11 people. bob kaluza oversaw safety for b.p. aboard the deepwater horizon when the rig exploded. >> i did not cause this tragedy. i am innocent. and i put my trust, reputation, and future in the hands of the judge and the jury. >> reporter: donald vidrine, another b.p. senior supervisor aboard the rig, also pleaded not guilty. they were in charge of a test that indicated a combustible gas had seeped into well. the indictment alleges kaluza and vadrine didn't call engineers on shore to discuss the abnormal rea
story, reactions to china's new leader. bp will have to cough up a record fine for the 2010 oil spill in the gulf. behind the numbers. plus, apple versus mcdonald's. which stock is the better bite? and, forget calorie-free soda - this one claims to help you lose wieght. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's friday, november 16th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: the showdown at the white house. president obama is corralling in friends and foes from congress today to figure out how to avert going over the fiscal cliff. meanwhile, the market continues to drift lower in what could become one of the worst weeks in months. dell dinged while gap is giddy. the computer company reported earnings last night. earnings were down 47% on slipping pc sales. however, dell backed its full-year forecast. gap shares rallied nearly 4% after the close on better-than-expected earnings news. fed chair ben bernanke says mortgage lending standards are too tight, preventing people with sturdy credit f
announcer ] [ yawning sound ] bp has paid overthe people of bp twenty-threeitment to the gulf. billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. >>> lisa sylvester's monitoring some of the other top stories in "the situation room" right now including a bloody day -- another one, in syria's civil war. what happened? >> that's right, wolf. syrian activists say at least 45 people were killed in two car bombings outside the capital of damascus. that city has been a sanctuary for pro-regime forced to flee their homes. the rebels have claimed to down three fighter jets in the past 24 hours. we'll speak with cnn's arwa damon from northern syria later this hour. a federal judge is ordering tobacco companies to publicly admit they deceived amer
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